Indoor Vertical Agriculture Experts


Decades of experience in Controlled Environment Agriculture and Indoor Vertical Farming has led to the development of one of the most innovative and intelligent cultivation platforms on the planet.

  • Visionary Design & Engineering

  • Advanced Plant Sciences

  • Lean Mechanized Processes

  • Maximized Output

  • Superior Quality

  • Sustainably Raised


“As a father, I care more about the future instead of just living in the now.”

– Farmer Dave

Everything you want to know about Farmer Dave, the passionate entrepreneur-inventor-farmer at the center of Uriah’s Urban Farms, is evident when he plucks a young Rainbow Chard Leaf from one of his iVertical Gardens to give you a taste.

The grin you see is because he knows the intensity of flavor that’s about to startle your senses. You’ve never tasted anything so alive and bursting with crisp, fresh flavor. Nothing compares to living plants, and Farmer Dave loves to share it.

featured-restaurants2Featured Restaurants

Plenty of restaurants have already committed to the freshness, nutrition and unbelievable flavors that result from having an iVertical Garden service from Uriah’s Urban Farms.  From farm to fork in 5 minutes, Farmer Daves chefs craft dishes that provide diners a phenomenal food experience.

If you’re wondering where you can enjoy this incredible new food experience that Uriah’s Urban Farms makes possible, check out this growing family of featured restaurants.