greater-good-leftFarmer Dave is a proud father who named the company in honor of his oldest son, Uriah, born with a rare metabolic condition. Then, in a miraculous twist, it was discovered that the treatment Uriah needed most of all was a diet of fibrous vegetables and fats. Now, the system Farmer Dave invented for growing healthy plants provides healing nourishment for the very son who gave the company its name.

“I was very frustrated in the old paradigm of food production and distribution. There’s a big disconnect between farmers and consumers.”

Uriah’s Urban Farms is Farmer Dave’s pride and joy, not only because it makes a difference in his son’s life, but also because he knows it can improve so many other lives. The unmatched flavor and nutrition of living produce can bring better health and enjoyment to an entire global village of food consumers.

Bursting with Botanical Goodness

Did you know that the moment a plant is harvested, it dies and its nutritional value begins to wane? Within 24 hours of harvesting, up to 80% of a tender soft tissue plant’s potent essential oils are lost, along with potentially half its vitamins and minerals. For many plants, those benefits are almost completely gone within three days.

With today’s food delivery systems, it simply takes too long to get from farm to table. That’s what Uriah’s Urban Farms has changed, keeping the essence of the plant alive until it hits your fork. You’ll taste the difference immediately, and you’ll feel it every day.

Phenomenally Efficient
Highly Sustainable

efficient-plantWhat Uriah’s Urban Farms grows is unlike anything you’ve tasted or experienced before. But that’s only half the story. How it’s accomplished is a wonder in itself, with a combination of creative techniques and integrated systems that push the boundaries of what was perceived as possible to new heights. Uriah’s is a leader in the movement to bring sustainable indoor agriculture to urban centers.

It’s done with incredible variety, with more than 30 different plants growing vertically in only one square foot of floor space. It’s done free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. It’s done with a proprietary blend or organics and hydroponic components. It’s done with a minimal amount of water nearly all of which is recaptured and reused. And maybe most important of all, it’s done with attention to detail and loving care.

For today and for tomorrow, Farmer Dave and Uriah’s Urban Farms are making it possible to get the most benefit out of fresh food, in the most responsible, sustainable way possible.


A perfect blending of systems and resources that makes it possible to provide the benefits of still-living plants in a clean, sustainable way


Careful observation and experimentation that leads to even more improvement and enhancement of the revolutionary growing process


A story of hope and an example of positive change that can lead others to challenge established ideas and look for better ways of living

The Team


David Smiles (“Farmer Dave”), CEO & Founder

Affectionately known as “Farmer Dave,” David Smiles is the passionate visionary at the center of Uriah’s Urban Farms. Part entrepreneur, part inventor and part farmer, he has developed a unique, proprietary combination of refined hydroponic and organic methods over his career of 17 years. The result is a revolutionary vertical growing and distribution system that enables still-living food crops to be delivered at their peak nutritional density and essential oil concentrations. On a mission to improve food quality and nutrition, he continues to drive innovation in the emerging field of sustainable indoor agriculture.

He has served as a board member with the Earth Charter Sustainable Business Coalition and is a regular contributor to Bakas Horses for Handicaps. He is a proud husband and a father of two active boys.


Brian Althaver, President & Chief Navigator

With 30+ years of experience developing global businesses our chief navigator is focused on positioning Uriah’s network of indoor VCEA operations to serve the world’s major urban centers.  He has held key executive roles with global responsibilities for both Jabil and Walbro, developing new markets for a range of products and services by locally positioning operations for efficient customer service. This includes establishment of manufacturing capabilities in the US, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, France, UK, Hungary and Poland. His success in adopting sustainable technologies to enable new strategic businesses in the renewable energy and water sectors provides a foundation for steering UUF’s sustainability initiatives.

He holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BS in Labor Industrial Relations from Michigan State University. He is a member of The Executive Forum, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Association for Corporate Growth.


Pat Rogers, Board Member

Ms. Rogers serves on the board of Uriah’s Urban Farms to help shape the global vision of the company. Her career with agriculture company Cargill, Inc. included six years as Business Unit Leader for Worldwide Crop Nutrition sales and distribution in 10 countries, following the first 19 years in various financial roles. Following the merger of Cargill’s business into the Mosaic Company, Pat was appointed Vice President of Global In-Country Sales. She then was board member and investor with Geosys, SA, a precision agriculture company for six years. She also has been active in nonprofit sector involving hunger issues, leading Feeding America Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger.


David Lee – Vice President of Operations

David comes to Uriah’s with 25+ years work experience in Agriculture related Commercial and Supply Chain leadership positions. His career with Cargill and Mosaic were based in USA, Brazil and Argentina. Most recently he provided strategic leadership of the Mosaic global supply chain including, transportation, warehousing, planning and quality. Prior he was based in Argentina as Country Manager responsible for all aspects of the region’s direction and success. He also lead the North American sales team to grow market share and drive sales of premium products.

With both a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset, he has been involved in numerous acquisitions/integrations.


Richard Sunderland – Vice President of Business Development

Richard has over 30 years experience in the global market in agriculture fertilizer, food and commodities. He worked for Cargill and traded palm oil, rubber, grain, and oilseed & fertilizer in Europe and in the USA. Richard served as VP of Raw Materials for the Mosaic company based in Tampa.

He joined Koch Industries based in Wichita and was appointed general manager of their Bunn Fertiliser subsidiary in the UK where he spent five years. He has now moved backed to Florida and joined Uriah’s in January 2017.