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Uriah’s Urban Farms provides a suite of custom tailored growing services for its commercial clients. Restaurants, retail centers, corporate offices, sports venues and more can chose from our innovative iVertical Garden service or our Back of House services.

How does the iVertical Garden service work?

The modular design of our iVertical Farm growing system is composed of thousands of patented iVertical Grow units. This unique, intelligent design allows us to grow your selected crops to their optimal developmental stage at our farm and then twice weekly, safely deliver your plants to your site where they are then installed into a custom designed iVertical Garden display. This allows you to continuously harvest on demand your fresh still living produce ensuring the pinnacle in flavor and nutrition.

Where do we start?

An iVertical Garden service begins with a free consultation where we meet with you to understand how best to service your needs for onsite food harvesting. In learning your service demands we scale your iVertical Garden to fit your needs and select a location for the display. You then select your plant varieties you want us to raise for you and off we grow!
Parallel to raising your crops, your personal Farm Liaison will schedule a site visit with our fabrication team to finalize design and material selection. The day prior to your first delivery our installation team will arrive onsite to install your iVertical Garden display. The day of your first delivery we will be onsite to ensure a smooth process and establish point of contact for deliveries.
Our goal is to make your service as easy and worry free for you as possible delivering the highest quality service and outstanding experience.

What is the Back of House service?

Uriah’s Back of House service is designed for those clients that want the amazing benefits of still living plants but require additional delivery options. Multiple put up options enable us to grow to very specific plant developmental stages. Micro, Petite, Baby and Adult plant development options ensure that we have a solution for the dish you want to execute. Delivered in stackable cases approximately the size of a standard produce box, large amounts of plants can be staged without significantly impacting floor space.

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