Alive To Your Home!!

Introducing the revolutionary iGarden Home Delivery Service.

Pause at the remarkable varieties of our Herbs, Lettuces and Greens
Savor the benefits of plants rich in essential oils and dense nutrients
Enjoy living plants raised with love by Farmer Dave at Uriah’s Urban Farms

What is iGarden?

Uriah’s is changing the approach to today’s food delivery systems by keeping plants alive until they hit your fork. Your iGarden is a fun, easy and delicious way to enjoy remarkable varieties of our lettuces, greens and herbs. Get ready to Pause, Savor, and Enjoy the essence of life your taste buds have been longing for.

iGarden Variety Pack
Recurring weekly charge just $30!
Weekly or Bi-Weekly deliveries!
Manage your deliveries online!

How does it work?

Uriah’s Urban Farms has made having a successful garden of your own easier than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do my plants get delivered?
Each Wednesday, you will receive a new garden with a different variety of plants to keep things fresh and to satisfy your taste buds.
Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?
Absolutely not! We will leave your garden in a safe and shaded place on your front porch, or where you have instructed us to leave them when you made your purchase. Separate order notes are kept for all of your subscriptions.
How much does it cost?
You will receive an assortment of 6 living plants each week for $30.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.
Can I have more than 1 subscription?
Absolutely, as many as you like. Just add an additional order here, and you can even have it shipped to a separate address.
How do I check the status and manage my subscription?
From anywhere on our website, select Log In at the top of the page. You will be directed to your My iGarden Account dashboard.
What should I do if I don’t want service one week?
You can pause delivery by logging in to your My iGarden Account. Select View in My Subscriptions, and then choose Pause from the Action menu to stop delivery. Don't forget to reactivate your membership by Sunday at midnight for the week you want to resume deliveries.
How do I redirect the delivery of my garden?
You can have your garden sent to another address by simply logging into your My iGarden Account, select View in My Subscriptions, and then choose Change Address from the Actions menu. Enter the alternate delivery address to redirect your delivery. Don’t forget to change your address back for the following weeks delivery.
How do I cancel my service if I no longer wish to receive the iGarden?
If you no longer wish to receive the iGarden service, you will need to go into you’re my iGarden Account, select View in My Subscriptions, and then choose Cancel from the Actions menu to stop service. If you miss us, and want to resume service in the future, your account information will still be remembered on our website.
What do I do with my garden when I am finished?
You can sprinkle the medium in your flower beds, or simply throw it away. The medium can be added to your composting, as it is not soil. As for the pots and the delivery case, if you leave them on your doorstep the following Wednesday, we will pick those up when we deliver your new garden. If you choose to recycle the boxes yourself, then you can simply leave the plastic pots outside for us to pick up upon delivery, as we will reuse those. With your help, we will recycle all of the containers to help minimize our footprint.
How do I harvest the plants?
You can use a knife to cut the entire head at the base of the plant or clip individual leaves with kitchen shears or a pairing knife. Finally, you may wish to simply pinch the leaves off with your fingertips.
How do I care for the plants?
The plants do not need much looking after. If the medium in the pot starts to feel dry, you can give the plant some water. A general rule of thumb is to give each plant about ¼ cup of water within 3-4 days of delivery. Let them drain in your sink, and then place them back up on your countertop to enjoy.
Do the plants need sunlight?
The plants do not require sunlight, but if you place them in indirect sunlight, they will be fine as well.
Where should I keep my garden?
Your plants can sit anywhere in your kitchen, on your table for a decorative centerpiece or in your refrigerator. Think of them as living art and display them where you can enjoy them. If they are in sight, they will be eaten and enjoyed.
Do I wash them before I eat them?
We recommend that you wash with cool water, as you would with any lettuce or greens. Be sure to pat them dry afterwards and chill them in your refrigerator so that they maintain their crisp firm texture.
Do the plants grow back?
We grow your plants to optimal maturity for you to harvest and enjoy at the peak of their botanical goodness. Your lettuces will not grow back, however your herbs and a few of the greens might. You can place your herbs outside and keep them watered to help keep them growing. Some greens like Arugula, Kale and Chard may grow some new sprouts.
What do I do if I have leftovers?
You can chop your herbs and fold them into butters with other ingredients to make wonderful compound butters that will keep in your fridge or freezer. You can also cut the rest of the herbs, place them in ice cube trays, cover with oil and freeze. Then pop one cube out when you want to cook with it. You may want to juice your greens and lettuces or add them to smoothies. Also, you can puree your greens to make wonderfully fresh and flavorful sauces. If a plant looks a bit droopy, or slightly wilted, you can place it in your refrigerator to crisp it back up before eating. These lettuces and greens like the cold.
Does it matter which plants I use first?
A good rule of thumb is to use your more delicate lettuces and watery greens first, then use your heartier lettuces and greens towards the end of the week. Most all of our plants should last you throughout the week, with a little bit of watering around day 4. This is just basic guidance as you start to get used to incorporating living plants into your diet.
What are the benefits of Uriah’s iGarden service?
As leading indoor agriculturists, we focus on delivering premium plant value, which can only mean offering produce that is Alive. Through meticulous attention and careful curating, Uriah’s innovative iGarden service ensures each leaf is enjoyed in its purest form. By delivering plants Alive and at their peak, our customers experience 100% of their essential oils and nutritional density. You will taste the difference immediately.
I would like to give the gift of a garden to someone. How do I do this?
There are many wonderful reasons to give the unique gift of a living iGarden delivery. Please feel free to give us a call or send an email. Click here or select Contact Us at the top of any page to find our phone number and email address and we will help you make your gift a special one.
I still have an unanswered question. What do I do?
Please feel free to give us a call or send an email. Click here or select Contact Us at the top of any page to find our phone number and email address.
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